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The Importance of a Good Personal Statement AMCAS Essay

amcas personal statementEvery year well over fifty thousand students will apply to medical college through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Only around 40% of those applying, however, will gain a place, and few will get one of their top choices for a place. Applications are highly competitive and you have to ensure that your submission will be able to make you memorable and to stand out from the crowd. The standard of applications is always very high and as such even if you have an excellent GPA and MCAT scores you will still want to ensure that your AMCAS personal statement will be excellently written.

This is your only opportunity to explain to the admissions committee why they should be accepting you in your own words. If it is well written and able to make you memorable it will be a significant boost to your chances of being selected. Our medical school admissions counseling services have been supporting applicants for many years. We have built up a team of highly qualified and very experienced specialists in this area and we are confident that we can help you with everything from your personal statement through to your medical school application resume. All of our services are delivered through direct communication with our consultants and we are confident that you will always be fully satisfied with the support that is provided to you.

How Can We Help with Your AMCAS Essay?

Our AMCAS essay tutoring fully understands that your personal statement needs to be able to fully reflect your achievements and ambitions for the future. It is not something that can simply be copied or created to a standard template. A generic sounding personal statement that could have been written about anyone is not going to effectively support your application. Nor is a personal statement that contains issues such as:

  • Clichés; the committee will be reading hundreds of applications and you must avoid clichés as they will guarantee that your essay is dismissed.
  • Inappropriate or poorly chosen wording; you should avoid slang, acronyms and also the use of fancy words from your thesaurus to try to look smarter.
  • Poor flow; your statement should read like an interesting story about you and not simply be a list of what you have done like a resume.
  • Humour and quotes; not every reader will appreciate humour and everything that you write should be in your own totally unique words.
  • Avoid irrelevant extracurricular activities; while some will help you to demonstrate relevant skills such as leadership, many will not add anything meaningful to your application.
  • Wordiness; you should always get straight to the point by writing in a concise manner that is going to maintain the interest of the reader while not wasting your AMCAS personal statement character limit.
  • Do not try to exceed the AMCAS personal statement word limit; the electronic submission will crop your essay after 5300 characters.

You also need to illustrate clearly what you have achieved not just make unsubstantiated claims. As Ali Lotfil M.D. says writing for US News:

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“Listing positive attributes without examples: You may have heard “Don’t tell, show” when it comes to medical school personal statements. It is critical to describe your positive characteristics in the context of the experiences in which you acquired them.”

Our editors and writers fully understand what makes a good personal statement or application essay and know how to avoid all of the many issues that can detract from your chances of success. All of our experts work with you directly to get the best possible results and to be able to gain access to the personal information that the committee will want to learn about you.

Our editors will identify all of the issues with your writing and make suggestions on a fully marked up version of your statement as to how they should be improved. You can download the initial draft through our member’s area and choose to implement those suggestions that you agree with. If you think that alternatives are required our services provide for an unlimited number of revisions until you are totally satisfied with how your statement reads.

Our Specialist Are Qualified to Assess Your AMCAS Personal Statement

personal statement amcas essayEditing or writing a personal statement for medical school is not a task that you will be able to trust to just anyone. The required standard of writing that is expected needs to be very high and your writing must be able to clearly reflect what the admissions committee are looking for. So without a clear understanding of what medical school in your speciality field covers, and how the application process works, the consultant would not be able to make a meaningful contribution to your writing.

We have been supporting applicants in this area for several years and have grown our team of proven experts in this area. Through our services, you will always be able to work with someone that is qualified to know just what to write in AMCAS essay pages for them to be effective. Your writer or editor will be:

  • A holder of a relevant postgraduate degree in your speciality field
  • Highly experienced at writing and editing of personal statements for medical school
  • Fully understands what the admissions committees want to see
  • Knows the correct format and AMCAS personal statement word count limit
  • Has impressive native level English skills for writing

Benefit from Using Our AMCAS Essay Editing Services

relevant skillsThe admissions committee will use the personal statement and other documentation set in front of them to assess the candidate. So it is vital that all of the documentation that you provide is capable of making you truly stand out. This is particularly true of your personal statement which is often the only piece of writing that you have full control over to get you noticed. Through us, you will get to work with writers and editors that have proven their ability to create outstanding statements that can get you noticed.

In addition to these highly skilled consultants you also benefit from:

  • Original writing that is unique to you; we provide you with a plagiarism report on all services
  • Guaranteed on time delivery and a very rapid turnaround on our help
  • Free proofreading on every service that we provide to eliminate any possible errors
  • Very affordable pricing that is clearly stated on our website
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our AMCAS editing and writing or your money back
  • Fully confidential support; only you will know that you have used our services

Submit an AMCAS personal statement that is going to get you noticed for the correct reasons with the help and support of our highly reliable professional writers and editors!