What You Need to Know About Brown Med School Requirements

Rhode Island, United States is known for one of the best medical schools in the country. Brown Medical School was called as Brown University School of Medicine, but now it is Warren Alpert medical school. The medical school has seven teaching hospitals associated with it and that is the reason Brown medical school get millions of dollars funding every year. We can help in Brown medical school personal statement editing. In the list of most selective medical schools, it is ranked at fourth position, that shows the popularity of the school. It is also placed on the list of top 20 medical schools in the US. The Brown medical school mission statement is “The Pursuit of health to benefit society”, which reflect the dedication of school for the health of society. This school is one of the seven Ivy League medical schools.

Brief History of Brown Medical School

The school is very old as it was started in 1811 at Brown University. The medical program continued for few years, but due to some technical issues, it was suspended by the president in 1827. After many years the medical program restarted in 1972 and first batch of 58 students graduated in 1975. The school got the name “Brown University school of medicine” in 1991 and once again renamed in the year 2000 as Brown medical school. The school owns a wide campus and there are more than 60 laboratories which are used for teaching and research purpose. In 2007, Warren Alpert, an entrepreneur, presented a gift of $100 million to the school, the largest gift ever in the history of the school. As a note of thanks from the Brown medical school the school is renamed as Brown Warren Alpert medical school. The school got new property with this money and now it offers better facilities to its students and faculty.

Interesting Facts About Application to Brown Medical School

If you are interested in Brown medical school admissions, there are some interesting facts for your consideration.

  • Currently, there are 522 medical students enrolled at Brown medical school. These students belong to 108 different institutions and joined school from 41 different states.
  • 646 residents are participants of 25 residency programs.
  • 224 students are enrolled in 74 fellowship programs.
  • School welcomes foreign students as well.
  • 53% females are enrolled in the brown medical school.

Acceptance rate in fall 2016 was 9% only, that means only 9% applicants were accepted into the school.

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Brown Medical School Application Requirements

Brown med school requirements are not different than other medical schools in the country. But the college is looking for the leaders in the field of medicine. The applicants should be committed to serve others. The basic Alpert medical school requirements are as follows:

  • The student must have more than 3 GPA out f 4.00 for Brown medical school admissions.
  • Graduates from Accredited institution in US and Canada can apply in Brown medical school.
  • Applicants should have completed the premedical courses during their graduation.
  • International students must complete one year course work in US or Canada.
  • Applicants must be technically competent.

This is just the basic eligibility criteria, Alpert medical school requirements are like the University of Pennsylvania medical school requirements also include some coursework, related to basic concepts. The academic course requirements are necessary for brown medical school admissions.

  • One course in Calculus, statistics or any other field of quantitative reasoning should be completed.
  • Two Courses having content related to cell biology and genetics should be completed with grade B or higher.
  • Two courses in inorganic chemistry, one in organic chemistry and one in biochemistry is also compulsory to pass before getting admission in Brown medical school.
  • Two courses in physics covering the content like optics, heat, electricity etc. should be completed. In short, basic sciences are required to get admission.
  • Strong writing skills are also necessary, but no specific course is required for that. However, try to take courses like English and philosophy which enhance your communication and writing skills.

Admission process
Now you know about Brown med school requirements, it’s important to understand the admission process as well.

  • You have to complete your AMCAS application and don’t forget to take MCAT first.
  • After that, you will get invitation for secondary application, send that too to Brown medical school.
  • The committee will review your application and send you the invitation for interview through email.
  • On interview day, you will be given a timeline about the decision of your admission.

tips on how to get into brown medical school

Secrets About How to Apply to Brown Medical School

If you want to know the answer to how to get into Brown medical school, you need to know few secrets.

  • Your GPA and MCAT scores play a vital role in your Brown medical school admission and higher the better is the perfect term for this.
  • Brown medical school letters of recommendation are also very important.
  • The admission committee gives weightage to your experience too, either it is life experience, clinical experience or research experience. So, don’t forget to mention that in your application.
  • Unique attributes of applicants and leadership abilities are something very vital for the Brown medical school authorities and they also want strong individuals in their institution.  Mention your volunteering activities.
  • Last but not the least, try to show your commitment to medicine through your application and they will appreciate that.

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