Behind the Scenes of Columbia Medical School Admissions

A student who submits an admission application form in any one of the medicine colleges has absolutely clear vision to become a successful doctor in his life and to fulfill this dream, he usually forgets to consider the repute of that college in the field of medicine. Remember! getting admission in any one of the medicine colleges without considering its revolutionary achievements and admirable background in the field of medicine could only fulfill your half of your dream that simply means you will have the Doctor of medicine degree after some years, like in Brown med school requirements. But is it enough to achieve the real success just like the leaders of the medicine field? Of course, it is not sufficient. Columbia Medical College is one the very few medical colleges that helps you to become the real leader in the field of medicine thanks to its splendid and proven track of research works in the said field. Here the question arises that criteria of getting admission in the Columbia Medical School is also the same as other medical schools or there is somewhat difference is it? Obviously, you have to prove yourself that you are the most eligible to take admission in this eminent college of medicine. There is nothing way but to make a striking and powerful application that should be completed in all respects about required details of Columbia Medical school admissions. If you want to know about how to get into Columbia University Medical School, first you should look into the history of Columbia Medical School.

History of Columbia Medical School

The foundation of Columbia University was laid down in 1754 as King’s College and this was the first institute among entire North American Colonies that felt the need of medal school and started the Doctor of Medicine Degree in 1767. After the American Revolution, it reappeared as Columbia College in 1784 that eventually became Columbia University in 1912.

Columbia University began as King’s College, which was founded in 1754 by royal grant of George II of England “for the instruction of youth in the Learned Languages, and the Liberal Arts and Sciences.” The American Revolution interrupted its program, but in 1784 it was reopened as Columbia College. In 1912 the title was changed to Columbia University in the City of New York.

During the early 1800s, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University gained so much popularity that Columbia College eventually gives it the status of Medical Department. You can say, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons admissions became the synonym term against Columbia Medical School Admissions. After the alliance with Presbyterian Hospital in 1911, Columbia University laid the foundation of real practical format of modern medical centre. In 1928, this Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Centre under the flag of Columbia University became the first ever place among the entire globe that started providing all types of the medical facilities under the one roof including medical education, patient care and ultimately the research work. Later the New York State Psychiatric Institute, Babies Hospital and Neurologic Institute of New York joined the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Centre in 1950.
1997 was the year when New York-Presbyterian Hospital came into being as a result of merging of New York Hospital and Presbyterian Hospital. As a result of this merging, many programs of these institutions have been combined regardless of the two Ivy League medical schools that remain sovereign of one another.

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Statistics About Applications to Columbia Medical School Admission

Degrees offered:


  • Joint MD/PhD
  • Joint MD/MPH
  • Joint MD/MBA
  • Integrated MD/Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Medical school enrollment

  • Total medical school enrolment: 655
  • Enrolment of underrepresented minorities: 141
  • Enrolment, all minorities: 257
  • Enrolment of international/non-residents: 18
  • Enrolment of in-state residents: 215
  • Enrolment of men: 317
  • Enrolment of women: 338

Enrollment by year

First-Year Class: 170 Male 83 Female 87
Second-Year Class: 167 Male 83 Female 84
Third-Year Class: 165 Male 75 Female 90
Fourth-Year Class: 153 Male 76 Female 77
Total Enrollment: 655 Male 317 Female 338
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Application Requirements for Columbia School of Medical Admissions

Like Brown med school requirements, there is a series of prerequisites regarding Columbia school of medicine requirements. Started from Applicant’s history, there is long list of requirements to submit admission application that are enlisted in the following lines;


  • Before matriculation, a baccalaureate degree is mandatory
  • As a minimum of three academic years from an accredited US or Canadian college
  • English – One Year
  • Physics – One Year with Labs
  • Biology – One Year with labs
  • Chemistry – Two Years with Labs (one year must be in Organic Chemistry)

MCAT: It doesn’t matter that before applying, MCAT has been taken up to three years.

Grades: To get admission in Columbia medical program, it is not obligatory to get All As or at least Bs. Columbia School of medicine understands this reality very well that expecting such grades from students who wants to get admission is not a wise step, rather the only considerable thing is that to secure Columbia school of medicine admissions, your final grades should not be less than C minus.

Letters of Recommendation: Among series of prerequisites, medical school letter of recommendation from premedical advisory groups is of key importance. This is the piece of paper that reflects the real information about your capabilities and potential to bear the pressures in medical field. The range of number of recommendation letters should be three to seven.

Summer Jobs and Extracurricular Activities: Summer jobs and extracurricular activities always considered as a plus point in terms of securing Columbia school of medicine admissions.

Evaluation: Columbia school of medicine always make sure to maintain its inflexible admission criteria. Rather it is really hard to express the “lower limits” of acceptability for MCAT scores and grade point averages, our decision process is need-blind.

Diversity: Physicians from Columbia School of Medicine are exclusively respond to the changing environment because of their diverse experiences, viewpoints, and backgrounds. In doing so, they flourish in advanced research, improving healthcare and changing policy in the world around us.

tips on how to get into columbia university medical school

Tips to Get Admission in Columbia School of Medicine

Like Brown med school requirements, first thing to consider to consider admission to Columbia School of medicine is strictly following its application procedure and timeline mentioned on its website. One who wants to submit the admission application should start visiting the website at least three months prior to start admissions. The reason is that fulfillment of admission requirements is not an easy task. If you will prepare the documents early, you will definitely raise the chances to get admission in Columbia School of Medicine.

Following is the timeline for submission of admission application;

  • May: Primary application becomes available via AMCAS
  • June-October: AMCAS applications are received
  • October 16: Deadline for submitting the AMCAS application
  • July-October: Secondary Application invitations are sent
  • Jul-January: Review of completed applications by the Admissions Committee
  • Late August-January: Interview invitations are sent
  • October 29: P&S deadline for secondary application
  • November 12: P&S deadline for supporting documents (Secondary Application fee, MCAT score, Letters of Recommendation)
  • Mid-February: Admission offers are sent
  • Mid-February-Early August: Waitlist remains open
  • May: Admissions Committee begins to look at the wait list
  • January-July: Admitted students submit Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other financial need applications
  • April: P&S Revisit Event for admitted students
  • April 30: Drop date for admitted students to withdraw from all but one school
  • Mid-August: Orientation and classes begin for the matriculating class

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