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Do You Need Help with Your Letter of Recommendation for Medical School?

medical school letter of recommendationGetting into a good medical school can be a very difficult proposition. Each year over 50,000 students will apply to a little over 20,000 places. This leads to all medical schools receiving many thousands of applications for just a few places. For instance, John Hopkins accepted 118 students but received 6,618 applications. So if you want to get a place your application must be totally outstanding. One of the most important parts of any application is the medical school letter of recommendation. Along with your AMCAS essay and other documentation, this will be provided to your chosen medical schools.

Well written AMCAS letters of recommendation can help an application to stand out, especially when there is often little to choose between applicants when it comes to their GPA and MCAT scores. Whether you have been asked to write your own letter of recommendation for later signature or you are a recommender that is not sure where to begin, our services can help you. We have been helping with the writing and editing of AMCAS documentation for several years and we employ a large team of highly capable admissions specialists that fully understand just how to make an application effective.

Our Experts Understand Letter of Recommendation Requirements for Medical School

There are many different writing services available online that will claim to be able to help you with your Letter of Recommendation (LoR). Many however will simply hire the first writer or editor that they can find with little or no checks on whether they can actually deliver something that is going to be in any way effective. Many will provide you with something that is highly generic, poorly written or even simply copied from elsewhere.

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Writing academic recommendations requires a full understanding of the expectations of the admissions committee and the application process and not simply an ability to write. This is why you will need to work with one of our experts for writing that effective reference letter. We have been providing our services for several years which has enabled us to build up a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists in this area.

Through our services you will always work with a specially selected expert that will be:

  • Postgraduate degree qualified within a field that is relevant to your specific area of application
  • Highly experienced with all aspects of how to write a letter of recommendation
  • Knows how long should a med school letter of recommendation be and other formatting considerations
  • Has excellent native level English language writing skills
  • Knows just what the committee will be looking for from your letter

How Can We Provide the Best Letter of Recommendation for Medical School

letter of recommendation for medical schoolSubmitting a letter that is totally generic that could have been written about just about anyone is not going to be effective in any way. This is why our experts will always work directly with you so that they can help to draw out the personal information about the applicant that will be required to write an effective and strong letter of recommendation for medical school.

All writing that is done with our experts is done from scratch in a unique manner to ensure that you will always provide a letter that is totally original. It will be free of clichés and other issues and will clearly be expressing confidence in their abilities and suitability for a place at medical school. It will state clearly that you are recommending them for a place and why.

Our experts fully understand all of the expectations from how long should a medical school letter of recommendation be, through to the format of the letter that you should submit. Writing is completed to your expectations at all times and all editing work is provided to you on a marked up version of the original letter.

Our editors’ work will highlight the issues that they have found within your letter and provide you with suggestions as to how those issues can be overcome. You can choose to implement the changes suggested or you can request an unlimited number of revisions until you are confident that the letter is precisely what you want to submit.

A good letter of recommendation needs to cover many different areas as this piece of recommendation letter writing advice suggests:

“Admissions committees often interpret omissions of relevant information as implicitly negative. For example, if you praise a student’s academic work but say nothing about him/her as a person, an admissions officer may conclude that the student is smart but socially inept. Therefore, it is ideal to try to touch on the following topics in any letter of recommendation: the student’s intellectual strengths, level of motivation, personal character, commitment to medicine, and interpersonal skills. Of course, your ability to comment on these topics will vary depending on how you know the student.”

Work with the Best for Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Medical School Applications

submitting your lorSubmitting your LoR through our services will ensure that the applicant will have a much higher chance of success. Our specialists fully understand how to ensure that your letter will be engaging and persuasive so that they will stand out from many other applicants. Our services offer a full range of professional help with your application that can cover everything from writing your medical school letter of recommendation through to medical school personal statement editing.

All of our services are provided through staff that are highly skilled and experienced as well as you being supported with:

  • Around the clock access to our knowledgeable support and order tracking
  • Free proofreading on all of the services that we provide
  • Guaranteed on time delivery even for a rapid turnaround on our help
  • Fully confidential support at a price that anyone can afford
  • Original writing with a free plagiarism report to confirm it
  • Guaranteed satisfaction through our services or your money is refunded

To submit a medical school letter of recommendation that will be highly effective just contact our writing and editing experts here today for the support that you can trust fully!