University of Pennsylvania Medical School Requirements

Medical schools in United States are among the best medical schools in the world. The medical school of University of Pennsylvania is given the name Perelman School of medicine and is commonly called as Penn Med. It is considered the oldest medical school in the country, which was established in 1765 and now it is located in Philadelphia. Now a day, it is a hub of medical research and education and has the reputation of top school in US. Majority of the NIH research awards are won by the students of Penn med and in the list of best medical schools: research, it is ranked as 5th. Penn med is also part of Ivy league. We are here to help you and assist you in how to apply to medical school.

Brief History of Pennsylvania Medical School

Dr. John Morgan was the founder of Pennsylvania medical school, who himself graduated from European schools. Dr. Morgan approached trustees of the Pennsylvania University and established this school, with their help. This was the first medical school in United States and Dr. Morgan ran it like the University of Edinburgh Medical school. Initially, it was not having a hospital for the practice and Pennsylvania hospital was used for the practice of students. It was called as University of Pennsylvania school of medicine until 2011. In the same year, Raymond and Ruth Perelman presented the school with a gift of $225 million, which was the largest donation in the history of school. To acknowledge this gift, the school was renamed as Perelman School of medicine.

Statistics about Application to Pennsylvania

If you are interested in University of Pennsylvania medical school admission, you should know some statistical facts about the school. For instance,

  • The class size in 2017 is 159 matriculates, out of them 50% are males and 50% are female.
  • Only 20% are local residents, while 80% belong to other states and countries.
  • 16% students get enrolled in combine degree program, that is MD/PhD.

The schools receive a large number of applications every year but the overall success rate is 2.25% only. Mainly due to the high MCAT score requirements, for the Perelman school of medicine admissions. In state success rate is very low, nearly 5% only and internationally only 1.80% students get succeed to secure their seat in Penn med.

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Pennsylvania Application Requirements

Penn medical school requirements are not like other medical schools in the country. They don’t ask for the specific courses like other schools. University of Pennsylvania medical school requirements are unique, as they require general ability and skill, which is necessary to become a competent physician. However, here we are discussing some basic Penn medical school requirements.

  • Applicants should have a graduate degree from accredited college in US or Canada.
  • Applicants should have strong communication skills and he should be able to read write and speak English. He should be able to understand the technical content and must have strong interpersonal skills. If you know other languages, they will be a plus.
  • Understanding of basic biological principals is also very important for Perlman school of medicine admissions.
  • To understand the basis of life, the applicant should have the basic knowledge of chemistry, physics, and mathematics as well.
  • University considers it very important to understand the social and cultural factors, which affect an individual in more than one ways. If you have studied courses in ethics, economics, sociology etc. you will be able to understand that.
  • International students have to complete one year course work in US, before they seek University of Pennsylvania medical school admissions.
  • MCAT is also compulsory for all the applicants.

Admission Application

Like Yale University medical school requirements, University of Pennsylvania medical school admissions require complete application. This application should accompany the following documents.

  • Application verified from AMCAS
  • Supplemental or secondary application
  • Recommendation letters
  • MCAT score
  • Application fee.

once your application is accepted for review, you have to wait for the interview date. The admission committee will interview the selected candidates on one to one basis. The interviews will be held from September till January and class will start in March.

How to Get to Pennsylvania Medical School – Few Tips

Perelman school of medical admission are not easy, as it is one of the best schools in the country and the size of their class is not very large. That is the reason, you have to prove yourself better than others to get admission here.  Following few tips can help you in this regard.

  • The selection committee has a holistic approach in selection criteria for candidates. They don’t consider the good grade only, rather their give weightage to personal attributes as well.
  • They judge the life experiences of applicants though Penn state medical school essay, so give special attention to that. You have to write two types of essay, one is personal essay and other is Penn Specific essay. Be very careful in writing these essays, they are the deciding factors in admission process.
  • MCAT score is also very important for Perelman school of medicine admission, it is considered the highest in the country. You will get accepted here if you score 38 points out of 45.
  • Letters of recommendations also play a vital role. Contact the teachers, who know you well for this purpose.
  • If you have taken any course in clinical education, that will be really helpful.

tips for perelman school of medicine admissions

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