All You Need to Know about Yale University Medical School Requirements

Different medical schools are providing medical education to the students, Yale is one of them. Yale medical school is a part of Yale University. It has a medical library and provides different research facilities to its students. If we talk about the ranking, it is ranked as 7th in research category. The good reputation of the school attracts a large number of students from all over the country and even then only a few get accepted here. The school is a member of Ivy League. It’s important to fulfill all the requirements properly to secure admission in Yale medical school. We provide medical school admissions consulting services and can assist you throughout the admission process and with recommendation letters as well.

Brief History of Medical School

Yale school of medicine has a strong history when compared with other schools. It was established in 1810, as the medical institution of Yale college, which was founded in 1701.  However, formally it was opened in 1813 and the enrollment of first class was 37 students.  In 1910, it was declared as a medical school, which is eligible to raise funds and expand its facilities. In 1915, it was accredited as school of public health and in 1916 first female student was enrolled in Yale School of medicine. In 1974, Yale cancer center was established. The college has produced number of renowned physician and surgeons, who offered great services in medical field. Now a day, it is known as the largest medical library and for its huge historical collection of books.

Interesting Facts about Application to Yale

If you are getting into Yale Medical School, these facts will be interesting for you.

  • Yale school of medicine offers not only Doctor of medicine degree for its students, which is commonly known as MD. Other than that, students can enroll themselves in dual degree programs like MD/PhD, MD/Masters, MD/MPH, MD/MBA and MD/JD. So, get prepared as you are applying for master degree entrance examinations.
  • As compared to other medical schools, the size of average class at Yale medical school is small.
  • Students with GPA more than 3.6 can submit Yale medical school application and the MCAT score requirement is 37 points out of 45.
  • Majority of the students, which are enrolled in Yale medical school are not local residents, rather they belong to other states.
  • Usually, the school maintains gender equality, and 50% students are male while 50% are female.

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Yale Application Requirements

Like Harvard medical school admission requirements, there are some premedical requirements, if you don’t full fill them you will be getting into Yale medical school. For instance, if you want to get enroll in 2018 class, you have to complete Yale University Medical School requirements.

  • Three years attendance at an accredited college or university.
  • Completion of following courses is also compulsory:
  • Study of general biology and Zoology in 2 semesters
  • General chemistry in 2 semesters
  • Organic chemistry in 1 semester
  • Biochemistry in one semester
  • General physics in 2 semesters.

Yale University medical school admission requirements are not very complicated, but it’s not easy to get admission in Yale. Yale med school admissions have following requirements.

  • AMCAS Application: submission of AMCAS (American Medical college application service) is the first and foremost requirement of admission in Yale.
  • Secondary application: Once you submit this application, within a week the administration will invite you to submit secondary application in the school. You will get this invitation through email and you have to submit the application online.
  • MCAT Scores: when it comes to MCAT med school admission, MCAT results are very important. Without MCAT scores, school will not review your application.
  • Letter of recommendation: Letter of recommendation is required form the premedical committee of the school, you have graduated from. If there is no such committee in your school, you need to submit three letters of recommendation from those individuals, who have taught you at some level or worked with you.
  • Application fee: Yale medical school application should be submitted with a non-refundable fee of 95$.

Once Yale medical school admission requirements are fulfilled by the applicant, the application will be accepted. The committee will start reviewing the applications and applicants will get interview calls. After the interview, admission committee will notify the applicants about their decision in March. If you get accepted, you need to send 100$ tuition fee to reserve your seat.

tips for getting into yale medical school

Secrets About How to Apply at Yale Medical School

Yale University medical school admission requirements are simple and easy to fulfill. But at the same time, we see a large number of students get rejected every year. There are some secrets, which can help you to get accepted in Yale.

  • Focus on your MCAT scores, a high score can be a big plus.
  • Letter of recommendation should be very positive. Try to get from those people who are can give very good letter for your admission.
  • Yale medical school personal statement is also very important, try to get advice from an expert on that.
  • Don’t forget to mention your extracurricular activities or community work, admission committee gives proper weight to that.
  • If you have any experience of working in any medical facility, as a volunteer or as healthcare facilitator in your community, admission committee can think positively about your application.

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